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When you’ve been searching for “Logo Design” and discovered a sea of ad copy veiled with corporate doublespeak, this is the place where your letters will get a voice, and your words will get dealt. We believe that good branding requires authenticity from every angle.

ik design identity kit

Project Brief

The problem with most logo designs is that they do not convey any information about the brand or its values. 

The solution was to design a logo which conveyed all this in one single mark, so that it becomes an iconic symbol for the brand rather than just a graphic element. I created an icon based on two symbols – “IK Designs” and “Wood”. The icon has been designed such that it can be used in various formats like logos, badges etc., without losing its legibility or symbolic meaning. It also allows us to use only part of the icon when space constraints are at play (such as social media icons). This way, even if you see only half of the icon (or even less), you immediately know what it stands for.

Project info

Designer: Harshvardhan Vyas

Client: IK Designs

Date: March, 2021

Category: Branding

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