We use what we know about art history to forge a unique style that is both sophisticated and timeless. Our work is designed with you in mind – whether you are an artist looking for new inspiration or a business owner who needs to engage their audience. So, no matter your preferred aesthetic or budget, there’s something here for everyone!

Project Brief

Food with Sankalp is a food blog that shows you how to cook easy, takes you behind the scenes where no one else been before to show you the real side of FnB.

The solution was to design a logo which conveyed all this in one single mark, so that it becomes an iconic symbol for the brand rather than just a graphic element. I created an icon based on two symbols – “Cook Pot” and “Food”. The icon has been designed such that it can be used in various formats like logos, badges etc., without losing its legibility or symbolic meaning. It also allows us to use only part of the icon when space constraints are at play (such as social media icons). This way, even if you see only half of the icon (or even less), you immediately know what it stands for.

Project info

Designer: Danish Puri

Client: Food With Sankalp

Date: September, 2020

Category: Design

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